Between Heaven and Hell in New Mexico

by Nina Roselle

Looking up at the clear, night sky, I question my continued existence. I walk toward the end of the tallest peak, knowing a simple step into the darkness could solve all my problems.  It would most certainly be declared an accident, a medical examiner reporting these simple facts, ‘she apparently lost her footing and fell.’ The end.

I see the sky is different here; no smog clouds my view of glittering stars.  I reach up, trying to feel my way into eternity, hoping that heaven might welcome me, wondering if idealists are entitled to reserved seating. Would the angels cheer at my arrival?

Probably not.  More likely, I’d be given an appointment, blank forms to complete, and have to tell someone what brought me there… as if they didn’t already know.  Would stating the reason truthfully give them cause to send me elsewhere?

The glow of my campfire is a chilly reminder of the purported alternative to heaven’s rejection.

I walk away from the edge, choosing, this time, to elude both heaven and hell, in favor of keeping my feet firmly on this ground.

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Writers Bio

Nina lives in North Carolina.  Her stories have been published in With Painted Words, 50-to-1, Dew-on-the-Kudzu, Every Day Fiction, The Writer's Muse, and Apollo's Lyre.

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