by Harmony Hodges

Lesson plan open

Revolutionary war

Suddenly the teacher received an urgent phone call

He stepped into the hallway

Silence on the other end

He shrugged, turned back

The doorknob

Ice cold…

Eerie pricks of hair lamented the back of his neck

Knotted his bowels and shriveled his appendix

But he re-entered



Circled the room

Eyed it with falcon precision

Fingers clenched, intuition sharp

Opened the blind

To a blue cracked window

A hole, the kind bullets make

Its spider web pattern

Fogged his brain

Now frozen solid in his tracks he stood

While he thought…thought…thought…


Oblivious to the redecorated room

The Carrie blood dripping

And Candy Riplinger coming in late,

He just heard the tick of the clock

Above his head

And tried to slow his heartbeat

To match its thunderous roar

But not before

His zombified students

Unified at 11:00am sharp

Surrounding him

Ready to eat lunch, crunchy bones and all


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Writers Bio

Harmony Hodges is a mixed media artist living in Portland Oregon. She writes fiction and poetry. You can find more of her writing at Kind of a Hurricane Press.

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