by Nathaniel Evans


How can this happen to me? All of my life I have been the healthy one. Now, I am a walking virus farm. Yet I knew it was true. There was really no way that I could not be infected. When my wife's teeth sunk into my flesh, I knew. I knew that my life would end soon, but not before I destroy other helpless people. I can feel my body trying to rid itself of this virus. There is no cure. I am impotent against what it will do.

Earlier today, my wife started to convulse. She fell to the ground, foam coming from her mouth. I tried to help her, tried to stop her pain, but I couldn't. She turned on me. I tried to fight her, but the virus gave her a new strength. She over powered me in a matter of seconds. I remember the feel of her teeth digging into my arm. I remember the searing pain. I did want to believe that she would do this to me. It was done, though, and my life was soon to be over.

I don't know what to do. I am now hungry. None of the food here in my apartment can sate me. There is only one type of flesh that can help. No……. oh God help me! I can not take this. I am desiring to eat my own kind. People that I have probably seen, spoken to, or been friends with I am now thinking about what they will taste like. My friend lives down the hall. He will open his door to me. He will let me in. Then I can…..oh please no! How can I even consider such a thing? I have known him since we were in school together. I do not want to kill him.

Is there still enough of me to end this? Can I end everything for the sake of everyone? I am not outside of his apartment. I do not remember walking here. My mind is becoming hazy. I knock. No one answers me. Anger wells inside of me. He should answer when someone desires to speak with him. He doesn't know who it is. I knock again, more fervently. This time, my friend answers. Saliva builds in my mouth when I see him. Just a bit and he will be free. Now I will save him. Yes, I now realize the truth. The virus frees us from our old beliefs; frees us from our old dogmatic ways.

I launch myself forward. I grab his dark green shirt and sink my teeth into his warm flesh. His blood feels my mouth and a chunk of his skin comes off into me. He is screaming, fighting against me. I feel his free arm come up and strike me on the head. I barely feel it. He has grown week in comparison to me. The sickness has turned me into a new being that is much stronger than this mere human. I grab the arm and force it down. My mouth never lets go of its grip. My victim staggers back, trying to become free, but I move with him. I am over powering him.

It will not be long now, and he will find illumination of what we are. We, the "infected" are the most powerful beings the world has ever seen. We are faster, stronger, and more intelligent than are healthy neighbors. If only all would see us for what we truly are. My friend has stopped struggling now. He hangs limply from my grasp. His eyes are glazing as they stare at me. Sometimes transforming kills humans. He lets out a ragged gasp for breath. I release him. He will not be a threat, but he will feed me for a few days. I turn and start to move towards the door way. I will get my wife and we will feast upon the weaker creatures.

A sudden pain erupts in my head. I crumple to the floor like a marionette that has lost its puppeteer. I roll over and see my friend standing over me, holding a baseball bat. He looks at me with remorse in his dark eyes, and he swings again. My world is dark now.

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Well this is me. Chances are in real life you would either love me, hate me, or be completly indifferant to my existance.

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