I Own My Dreams

by Harmony Hodges

I live in a junkyard

Filled with cars

Next to a stupendous maple tree


I own nothing

But my tattered clothes

And the greasy black grime

On my bones


I sleep in the cab of a 1957 Chevy

Every single night

In the cushion divine


I am mute but not deaf

In fact, I hear music

When the wind blows those


Across the sky

And ravishes them on the windshield


I also hear crows

In the tree

Scream at invading owls

Then call in troops of crows

From the North, South and East


One cold night

As I slept

My teeth began to chatter

Like helicopter engines


I dreamt it was 1957

I drove my new pickup

To the top of a maple tree

Where I stopped and revved the engine

Until my tires flew off

And landed in a junk yard



I put my pickup in park

Hovered like a cloud

And when an owl dared to trespass

I screamed right along with the crows

At the top of my lungs

Until all of the glass in the junkyard shattered

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Writers Bio

Harmony Hodges is a mixed media artist living in Portland Oregon. She writes fiction and poetry. You can find more of her writing at Kind of a Hurricane Press.

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