Moles Rule

by Harmony Hodges

I got cold, really cold

so I burrowed down deep

below the gazebo

and looked forward to a nice quiet winter


Was I comfortable? No I was not!


On the first day a partridge squawked all night

and kept me awake


On the second day a pair of doves ate so many pears

that they complained all night about their stomach aches


On the third day, three hens scratched

and pecked on the gazebo floor

(like nails on a chalkboard)


On the fourth day, four birds kept

making calls, chatting about their personal lives

until I wanted to save humans the trouble and poison myself


On the fifth day

some do-gooders

strung up at least five strands of

lights and poked and prodded and pounded

them into place


On the sixth day

migrating geese decided to roost inside the gazebo

and honk like New York City gridlock


On the seventh day swans

held a meeting in the gazebo

and complained about their ugly ducklings


On the eighth day, COWS!

a petting zoo formed around the gazebo

and lots of screaming children

learned about milking


On the ninth day

(oh my throbbing head)

ladies in their high heels

sounded like a herd of elephants

as they danced and pranced


On the tenth day

Who was leaping? The elephants?


On the eleventh day

Pipers piped. OUT OF TUNE!


On the twelfth day

(and my favorite by far)


(I would have preferred jackhammers)


Yes, I could have moved right away

But instead I had a type of mole meltdown


I dug a massive tunnel

around the perimeter of the gazebo

a wide tunnel

a deep tunnel

until the entire thing collapsed -

an unfortunate sink hole

everything gone including

the twinkling lights



catharsis complete

I moved

in search of a peaceful winter


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Writers Bio

Harmony Hodges is a mixed media artist living in Portland Oregon. She writes poetry and fiction. Her writing has appeared in Kind of a Hurricane Press.

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