The Lights of Christmas

by Beth Magee

Bonfires built on levees guide Papa Noel
That he may find his way along Big Muddy.
And in the glow of dancing flames the children laugh and play,
Their eyes alight and faces shining ruddy.

Department stores are all dressed up with windows draped and lit.
Their tableaux share the space with goods for sale.
And passing shoppers comment on the decorator's art
Depicting scenes from some old classic tale.

A house festooned with tiny lights takes on a magic air.
It changes to enchantment with one "click."
Trees and shrubs now shimmer with ten thousand twinkling points -
A dream awakened like a sorcerer's trick.

Candles flicker on the sill and scatter darkness there.
They send a greeting through the night to all.
The promise made of welcome and fellowship to share
Is kept by those who dwell within the hall.

A Christmas tree stands proudly clad in tinsel, balls and lights,
And seems to rest on presents stacked below.
This monolith of memories holds the generations close
With old and new both proudly hung to show.

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Writers Bio

Mary Beth draws on her curiosity and love of research to explore the world around her and write about it. New Orleans native, she now lives in northern CA, by way of Chicagoland. She first saw her name in print as a juvenile book reviewer her hometown paper and hasn't stopped writing since. Her checkered past includes stints as a telephone operator, substitute school teacher, cosmetic sales, home health aide, government contractor, kitchen help in a deli, real estate sales, office manager and corporate trainer. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, focusing on adult learning. Over the years, her writings covered news and feature articles, book and movie reviews, training materials, greeting cards, short fiction, poetry, and church bulletins.

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