The Christmas Wish

by Susie Lindau

As Carol scrawled her signature inside the Thomas Kincade Christmas card, a chill sent a shiver like the touch of a cold fingertip along her spine. She buttoned her red cardigan and folded the greeting card. While studying the picture of the artist’s painting, Carol smiled at the warm glow emanating like amber from the windows of the cottage nestled in the snow. She imagined the home filled with friends and family. She glanced through the window above her desk at the dense fog and ice collecting on the gnarled oak trees. Her heart ached with the familiar sense of loss. “I miss you John.” She looked around her dreary home once filled with life, regretting her decision to skip decorating this year, but what was the point.

She slipped the card into the envelope and a single tear slid down her soft wrinkled cheek. “I wish…” Her shoulders slumped and Carol began to sob.

Suddenly a flickering light reflected in the window caught her attention. She spun around and a warm roaring fire glowed in the gas fireplace. Silent Night began playing on the radio.

“What the…?” Carol sprung from her chair and as she approached the hearth she heard the doorbell. She wiped the tears from her face, turned the brass knob, and opened the front door.

“Surprise Grandma!” Carol’s three grandchildren, her daughter and son-in-law stood in the snow on the front doorstep.

“I’m glad you’re here too John.” Carol thought as she looked up and smiled.

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