To Ponder

by Harmony Hodges

The air, thick with spring

Smoke tree in bloom

Outside of the open window

Inside, a baby girl lay in her brass crib

Corrosion bled along the bars

Illuminated stainless steel reality

A hard structure

Held the child

As she slept in her fortress




A gentle zephyr

Crept through the window

Twinkled a skeleton key mobile

Above her bed

She slowly woke

Only six months old

The keys caught her eye

Hypnotic rocking


She studied the tiny metal

Clinking, all the possibilities:

Opening distant hope chests

Opening doors, leading to deeper doors

Buried, clandestine doors, leading to heartbreak

Keys to answers

She reached up


But a gust of circumstance

Flew and threw the window

Rattled the keys in a synchronized melody

The sharps and flat notes ultimately knocked together

The mobile tilted just enough

Keys dangled precariously

Then fell slowly, and her fingers

Followed the motion

Keys fell into a heap

Metallic cymbal crash

Tree filaments and pollen dusted the pile

Her fingers reached down between the bars


She rolled onto her side

To get a better look

To ponder those things called keys

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Writers Bio

Harmony Hodges is a mixed media artist living in the Pacific Northwest. She writes poetry and fiction.

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